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Client Service

Providing clients with authentic comprehensive supportive case management, mediation aide, support groups, health & wellness services, safe housing, and resource.

Building Wealth Economic Development 

helping clients create a road map to financial freedom and economic growth by proving the clients with educational tools, job readiness courses, and explorative entrepreneurship courses.

Client Advocacy

Helping clients find their voice and confidence as they navigate through various governmental systems where decisions are being made on their behalf that have an ability to negatively impact the client's life.

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Color Me Advocacy  Peer Educators 2022

5K Run Walk Roll for Survivors of Domestic Violence 2023

Anti- Human Trafficking Assistance

Safe Place Respite Program The pod program is a holistic therapeutic respite center for young survivors of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and for youth experiencing crisis.

Heal2Heels aims to provide healing workshops and retreats for survivors that were impacted by sex trafficking or survival sex by providing a unique support group led by survivors, guidance, and tools to help the survivor heal. This program is open to all age groups.

Young Adult Discovery Program Aims to serve victims & survivors of sex trafficking that are between the ages of 12-21 who are seeking a holistic approach to make positive change in their lives by providing survivors with peer advocates, family mediators, educational coordination, 6-week empowerment session, and health & wellness checks ups. 

 Vulnerable People Project's goal is to assist human trafficked victims of all ages with immediate basic needs to prevent them from succumbing to the traffickers' schemes and/or exchanging sexual favors for food, shelter, and basic needs. This program offers food assistance, outreach, financial assistance, health & wellness care, MetroCard's, emergency flights, and safe house coordination.

Missing & Exploited Project's goal is to assist parents and loved ones with adequate help in the search for their preteens and teens between the ages of 11 - 17 years old's that may be trapped in child arranged marriage, debt bondage, commercial sexual exploitation, and peer-to-peer recruitment domestically.

Survivors Story

I was only 21 when I decided to get married to my husband. Everything seemed normal at first until I notice how jealous he was when I would come in contact with my best friend who was a girl. He beat me every time I went out with her. My best friend was all I had in the states apart from my husband as my family was from Ghana. My husband kept me from the family and would often time hang up the telephone when my mom would call. I was beaten every day sometimes twice a day. I did everything I could to make sure he was happy, fed, and cared for so I wouldn't get beaten but he would always find a reason. The last beat I received was supposed to end me. I remember my husband coming home and complaining about his boss writing him up. I ran to him and consoled him and allowed him to weep in my arms things felt normal and peaceful what was about to happen next was anything but normal. My husband pulled away from me and questioned me about dinner and I began to explain that I was just about to start dinner, I also explained that I wasn't expecting him to come home so early, as I began to utter I will start now, I felt a swift metal bounce against my head and I woke up to my husband strangling me and shouting die, die why won't you die. I fought back with tears in my eyes and my heart heavy everything in me said to give up and the other part of me said fight. I remember being torn between life and death and the crazy part was that death at the time felt easier I kept thinking just let go it will all be over soon.  I mustered up enough strength to strike him in a vulnerable location on his body part and ran for the door. I banged on a few of my neighbor's doors as and shouted help me! One neighbor opened his door and allowed me to sit and wait for the police to come. When the police picked me up from my address that was the last time I ever saw my husband. I entered into a safe place and began rebuilding my life it took me a lot to trust again. 

Anti-Domestic Violence Assistance

Determined to Win assist domestic violence survivors between the ages of 14 - 45  with comprehensive holistic support groups, financial freedom education, empowerment sessions, family mediation, advocacy, housing, health and wellness coordination, resource coordination, comprehensive case management, emergency flight, and family trips.

Determined to Win Program  Support Group  DTW support group aims to serve victims & survivors of domestic violence between the ages of 18 - 45 by providing the women survivors with a safe space and sisterhood that will provide a holistic support group in a safe space where they can begin the inner work on oneself. Participating survivors will learn about the steps to regaining control over their life, learn new ways to problem-solve, learn coping strategies, and begin the process of healing through storytelling.

Empowerment Sessions  Our empowerment sessions address the major complex needs of domestic violence survivors once they leave their abusers such as how to overcome the fear of starting over again, How to advocate for oneself, how to talk to their children about the abuse, and the importance of creating stability for the family, mental health and safety workshops, resource and legal advisory workshops.

Financial Freedom Classes aim to help survivors find financial freedom by providing the survivor with essential financial guidance and wealth-building education such as credit repair and management, financial planning, and budgeting workshops. 

Teen Dating Violence Support Group aims to help youth that is at risk for teen dating violence or victim of teen dating violence with support groups that help the youth form healthy decisions about relationships


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July 29, 2023

Freedom Youth Family Justice Center Youth Advocacy Program

Is a mobile outreach program where teens exhibit extraordinary leadership and coaching skills by educating peers on the topic of human trafficking, teen dating violence, gun violence, and other teen-related social issues.

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